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At NUTS GALORE our fruits are processed to retain as much of their natural goodness as possible.We carry most of the varieties of Dried Fruits including Apricots, Mango, Rockmelon Pineapple, Paw Paw, Coconut, Figs, sultans and not forgetting everyone´s favourite Sydney Mix which is a mix of the dried fruits and premium quality raw nuts.

So drop into your nearest NUTS GALORE store Today and treat yourself to a fantastic selection of healthy snacks that will not break the budget.

Australia is one of the world's largest importers of dried fruits, importing in excess of 8,000 tonnes; we are also the world best producer of sultanas.

Dried fruit is widely used in baking, confectionery, breakfast cereals
and manufacturing, adding a combination of sweetness and moisture.Christmas is traditionally the most popular time to enjoy dried fruit in puddings, cakes and pies. It is, however, a fruit for all seasons, as dried fruit in breads, scones and biscuits are enjoyed all year round.Dried fruits are also increasingly favoured in savoury recipes and the ever popular Indian and Middle Eastern dishes.

The versatility of dried fruit means it can be used to make a tasty sauce, mixed, chopped, and pumped into juices, milk and even tea!
It can be eaten any time of the day; from sweetening a breakfast cereal, pepping up a lunch time salad, or adding bite to a dinner dish with its sweet or sharp flavours and chewy or fleshy textures.
It even makes a healthy snack — an alternative natural sweetener full of vitamins and minerals.