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Selecting Green Coffee For Roasting

A coffee bean is the seed or pit inside of the red or purple fruit on the coffee plant. The fruits, coffee cherries or coffee berries, most commonly contain two stones with their flat sides together. With so many varieties out there you can find a special blend that is perfect for your taste buds and this is available at Nuts Galore.

Coffee Talk - Fresh Roasted Coffee

When selecting your green coffee one of the first things we have to look for is a supplier that offers only the top grades of coffee. our suppliers need to be able to cup all the coffees before they purchase the coffee from the different origins around the world. The suppliers need to rate the grade of the beanto see if it has any imperfections. Some beans are under developed which will affect the taste and quality of the cup of coffee you will experience. It is the responsibility of our dedicated team to do the same when selecting the coffee we choices to roast to make your coffee.

Roasting Coffee

After selection of the right bean for roasting, Nuts Galore will have to do several small batch roasts to determine what type of roast will best develop that bean for its maximum taste remembering that we use 10 different beans in our unique blend. The roast profile of each bean is determined by the moisture of the bean and quality of the bean.

It is possible for the roaster to under roast the coffee or to over roast the particular coffeewhich ends up with a less desirable taste. We have developed our own roasting style over time in order to maximize the best roast for that particular coffee bean. Since roasting coffee since 1989 we have developed a style that makes our coffee uniquely different in taste for each bean roasted. That is the reason why thousands of our customers keep coming back year after year.